Available Workshops

Workshop formats can be tailored from 2 hours to 2 days.


This workshop is dedicated to practitioners and firms that have a partner or partners desiring to reduce their time commitment to their practice within the next ten years and see external succession as the best tactic. The program will focus on helping create external succession plans and will include topics such as:

  • When to start your succession plan.
  • What should you look for in choosing your successor
  • What is your practice worth
  • How to structure the deal
  • The tradeoff between risk retention and value
  • What due diligence should you do on your successors
  • How to document your deal and protect yourself from liabilities and default
  • How to make sure there is a proper transition of your clients and staff


This workshop is dedicated to firms seeking to grow their practice by acquiring another firm. Topics include:

  • Are you ready to undertake an acquisition
  • How to identify the “right” practice to acquire
  • How do you value an accounting firm
  • Creating the correct terms and deal structure
  • Due diligence, what to emphasize and review
  • The keys to proper documentation of your deal
  • The art of retaining clients and staff during the transition


  • Whether a firm is seeking to merge up, down or laterally, this workshop addresses the key issues that need to be considered. Topics include:
  • Why you should consider merging and how to select a merger partner
  • Identifying your strategic objectives including adding talent, niches, or new marketplaces and locations
  • How to structure the merger transaction
  • Determining compensation, profit sharing and equity in a merger
  • Documenting the deal including revealing discussions on liability issues, creating a de-merger clause and drafting a new partnership agreement
  • What to look for in due diligence
  • The transition process of making clients and staff comfortable.


This workshop is designed for firms who have a partner(s) who desires to reduce their time commitment within the next ten years. The program will focus on how to create internal succession plans. Topics include:

  • Determining if your current partnership or buy-sell agreement is adequate
  • What are the business issues you should consider when addressing the transition of a partner
  • Evaluating if the remaining partners can handle the internal succession
  • What is the transitioning partner’s equity worth
  • How to structure the deal-what risks are appropriate for both sides to assume
  • Dealing with unexpected circumstances in a transition to protect both parties
  • Making sure the deal has a strong foundation-a win-win proposition
  • What are the options you can deploy in the event you determine an internal succession plan is not possible
  • Using mergers and acquisitions to better position the firm for internal succession

Topics of additional workshops include but are not limited to:

  • Partnership Agreements
  • Market updates relating to M & A of accounting firms
  • Firm Retreats
  • Practice Continuation Agreements
  • Building an internal succession team
  • Due Diligence and Documentation issues for Accounting Firms considering a Purchase, Merger or Sale

To schedule a workshop topic listed above, or to discuss customizing a workshop for your specific needs, email jsinkin@transitionadvisors.com.