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What defines an Accounting Practice Buyer?
A true buyer is an entrepreneur with foresight, vision, spirit and one with a dream of the future.

Clearly not every accounting firm is set up or prepared to purchase or merge in a completely different accounting practice. Transition Advisors can help you determine if you are “merger ready” and help you to the path of being so if you are not. Keep in mind that acquisitions and mergers often bring more stability for the firms while offering customers a wider array of services.

As we all know the accounting profession is skewing older. It’s a fact that within the next decade over 65% of today’s CPA firm partners will be in or entering their 60’s. Just imagine the possibilities and growth potential of your firm acquiring smaller practices and/or merging into a larger firm to become their successors over the next few years. This strategy can create significant opportunities for additional revenue and profitability.

sml calculator with pens_1.jpgThe main and fastest method accounting firms grow is by increasing their  base — the more clients, the greater the revenues. However, generating growth using strictly through practice development means growing one client at a time. In today’s economy you might be lucky if that approach keeps up with the inevitable loss of business most firms are experiencing.  Most firms that have sustained and significant growth are pursuing the growth by acquiring/merging in other accounting firms thereby increasing revenues, and increasing their profitability.

As owners of CPA and CA firms mature, they become ideal candidates for an acquisition or merger. Their years of sweat equity growing their firms one client at a time can significantly increase your practice volume instantly.

The Transition Advisors business strategists help to position your firm and ready it for Growth and Success.

We offer the following services:

  • Address your strategic objectives for acquisitions and mergers
  • Actively solicit targeted firms and set up introductory meetings
  • Perform a preliminary evaluation of targeted firms including client services billing rates, staffing and client demographics necessary for you to assess their suitability as a merger or acquisition target.
  • Facilitate meetings between firms and gain agreement to begin negotiations
  • Help you value and structure the deal
  • Negotiate and prepare proposals and letters of intent
  • Assist with field due diligence
  • Provide customized first drafts of contracts for the deal
  • Continue with ongoing negotiations leading to transaction closing
  • Assist with the post-transition plan including turnkey practice aids and the secret tactics to maximize client and staff retention.

Our partners and managers with over 60 years combined experience in M & A of accounting firms and hundreds of successful closed deals ensures that you will meet the unique objectives your firm has set forth when pursuing an acquisition.