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The PCPS division of the AICPA originally asked the Transition Advisors team of professionals if we could put together the following reports to help provide guidelines and information to ensure the success of their members merger and acquisition affiliations. With permission from them, we have made them available to our website guests. While we recommend speaking with one of our professionals to review the specifics of your goals and methods of achieving them, we hope that the below reports, plus the articles and case studies also available on our website, provide you greater insights to our thoughts and helps place you on the path toward a successful deal!

Internal Succession Readiness: Keys to Help Prepare Your Firm for a Leadership Transition: Firms whose practice is not positioned to transition to future generations discover that unpleasant truth too late and are often left with a choice of entering into an 11th hour merger, or closing up shop. This comprehensive monograph will help you establish a viable succession strategy that will help you acquire and develop a strong internal "bench" as well as ensure you have the right arrangements in place for new owner admissions and a plan to allow the transition of duties to the future leaders of the firm.

Seven Keys for Firms Considering a Transition Through a Sale or Upward Merger: When you are planning for a transition of the partners in your practice through a sale or upward merger, it will likely be the most important decision you make regarding your firm.

Planning for Internal Succession of Partners in an Accounting Firm: A solid and complete buy-sell agreement is a vital component of a succession plan and appropriate valuing of equity. However, the business plan for how the firm will transition client relationships and roles leading up to and after the succession of a partner are equally important.

Eight Keys for a Proper Internal Succession Plan: When you start planning for the internal succession of the partners in your accounting practice, there are many vitally important items to review.

Nine Strategies for Multi Partner Firms Considering a Merger or Acquisition: A firm with multiple partners should consider several vitally critical issues when developing an expansion plan that involves mergers or acquisitions of accounting practices.