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M&A Deal Structure and Negotiations

Hands w_money_1.jpgHow do I value a firm to buy or sell? How do I structure my succession or growth plans? What if I have some partners seeking growth while others are seeking to slow down? Having closed hundreds of successful deals and having almost three decades of experience exclusively working with the CPA profession in their mergers and acquisition goals, Transition Advisors can help you in managing what may be the most important decision you make relating to your firm.

While there are parameters most deal structures will include based on individual goals, there are even more unique aspects in each deal that need to be addressed as well. No two firms are alike so our customized approach to consulting on your situation help you better understand the plethora of options that exist. Our goal isn't to tell you what to do but to help you make a more informed choice by understanding the different options, benchmarks and track records of what made deals the most or least successful.

From identifying your merger partner to helping you wade through the alternative deal structures, valuing the firm and understanding what to review in due diligence. From drafting the agreements to planning the transition in a manner that will help maximize retention, we are on the front lines with our clients. We can help you avoid the landmines we have learned to navigate our way leading to the proverbial win/win deal.

We invite you to read some of our articles to gain a better understanding of our philosophies - or, better yet, set up a free, non-obligatory, confidential call with our team of experts to discuss your situation.