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M&A Searches

You have a reasonable idea of what success looks like, what your goals are, but now what? How do you identify the "right" merger candidate to meet with? How can you maintain your confidentiality through this identification process? How do you vet them to make sure you are not wasting time?

Through our extensive contacts and proprietary database, our M&A Search division helps you gain a better understanding of your local marketplace. Once we narrow the playing field down, we reach out to firms without sharing your identity and screen the firms to make sure they understand your goals and more. No one gets your name you don't pre-approve!

While finding the round peg for the round hole is a big task, in many ways our greatest expertise occurs next; helping you through the deal process. We consult with you on alternative deal structures, valuations, what to review in due diligence, what roadblocks to anticipate and how to navigate them.

From drafting agreements to planning the transition, our nearly three decades of experience will be there for you assisting with understanding the different alternative methods of addressing the same issues, the benchmarks that exist and creating a road map to follow from introductions to closing your deal.

We invite you to read some of our articles to gain a better understanding of our philosophies - or, better yet, set up a free, non-obligatory, confidential call with our team of experts to discuss your situation.