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Why Transition Advisors?

why.jpgTransition Advisors helps you go through the process of change and solves problems before they come up. The vast experience of our principals, regional advisors and professional staff will be invaluable to you and your partners in moving your practice to the next level. To be clear - we are not brokers. We are professional consultants and advisors with years of experience who stay with you throughout the entire process of transition... hence Transition Advisors!

We are 100% dedicated to providing support for the various kinds of ownership transition a CPA firm can take including:

  • M&A Searches
  • M&A Deal Structure and Negotiations
  • Succession Planning
  • Owner Agreements

Our support for merger and sales includes everything you need: finding candidates and making introductions, valuations, deal structure options, assistance with negotiations, planning assistance, drafting contracts, merger readiness assessments, due diligence support, and partner and transition strategies to retain the clients and staff. We customize our approaches to the services you need based on your experience and existing resources.

If your need is succession planning, we provide a thorough analysis of your firm's conditions, discuss options and will make recommendations for what will accomplish your and your partners' career goals. Your succession plan will be based on your unique needs and is designed to maximize financial, professional and quality of life outcomes.

Our services for owner agreements include analyzing and designing your agreement against market trends and what will accomplish the goals you, your partners' and future partners need to keep the firm viable and independent.

If your goal is growth through M & A we are consistently successful in identifying firms in your area that are interested in some type of affiliation including a long or short term succession, outright sale, upstream merger, a staged transition, mergers of firms with younger partners or niches that can strengthen your internal succession team and firm. We also identify firms not in your area who want to be!

Many of the firms we work with have some partners seeking succession while others seek growth, and we have unique deal structures to help both types of partners achieve their individual goals simultaneously in one transaction.

We provide transaction support for firms who have already identified each other but need a consultant to help them get through and understand alternative deal structures, valuations and all the critical consulting series we offer to both parties.

We are consultants who can provide transition strategies when you are ready to take the next step in growing your firm, interested in moving to the next level, or slowly taking more time off to enjoy life, or many other avenues of change to meet your life style and work style.

We hope you will view the other pages on our website, including M&A Searches, M&A Deal Structure and Negotiations, Succession Planning and Owner Agreements, which have a great deal of practical information, as well as our M&A FAQ and Articles about the changing accounting practice profession.

With Transition Advisors you get timely, confidential and accurate assistance from the beginning of the deal or project, throughout the negotiations until the very end of the process. We encourage you to call upon us and request a visit with one of our regional directors to discuss what could be one of the most important decisions of your business and personal life.