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What We Do

You have a reasonable idea of what success looks like, what your goals are, but now what? How do you identify the "right" merger candidate to meet with? How can you maintain your confidentiality through this identification process? How do you vet them to make sure you are not wasting time? Read more

How do I value a firm to buy or sell? How do I structure my succession or growth plans? What if I have some partners seeking growth while others are seeking to slow down? Having closed hundreds of successful deals and having almost three decades of experience exclusively working with the CPA profession in their mergers and acquisition goals, Transition Advisors can help you in managing what may be the most important decision you make relating to your firm. Read more

If you are a multi-partner firm or a sole practitioner, succession planning is a critical factor for all size firms. According to the AICPA 2016 succession survey, 35% of the current owners of CPA firms will be seeking a transition away from working full time over the next five years alone! Read more

Your ownership agreement plays a huge part in many aspects of managing your firm and how things work. Your ownership agreement will be instrumental in creating a path to how governance/voting works in your firm. It should also address profit sharing, other aspects of compensation, buying out partners and admitting new ones. It needs to also address how capital works, treating temporary disability, full disability and death of a partner. Read more